Sublimation printing

One of the printing techniques that uses the phenomenon of sublimation. The print (CMYK) is made with special water-based inks on transfer paper (it is a mirror image of the desired pattern), and then, under high pressure and temperature conditions, it is transferred to a polyester material using a fabric sublimation calender. Sublimation printing is based on the permanent penetration of ink into the material. This technology is used in the production of knitted fabrics for the fashion industry, advertising materials and interior decoration materials, because it provides the best results – it perfectly reflects the smallest details and allows you to keep important details and elements. In addition, sublimation printing is an economical method, does not generate high costs, therefore products using sublimation are always at reasonable prices! Sublimation is a method that allows you to create realistic-looking and incredibly durable prints. The sublimation method does not adversely affect the structure of the material – on the contrary, it keeps the fabric delicate. The print is flexible and looks great! It is currently one of the best techniques used in the production of clothing and accessories – so do not hesitate to place an order now!

What do we print on?

We print on SOFTSHELL material, microfiber, waterproof material, chiffon, rayon, sweatshirt fabric and single jersey made of polyester fiber, curtain fabrics, sports knitted fabrics. Color palette: CMYK + fluorescent colors. Thanks to fluorescent colors, we obtain the best printing effects on materials for swimwear, sports clothes and “party” clothes, where the fluorescent color is brought out in the light of ultraviolet lights.

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