Sublimation printing

We perform sublimation printing on materials such as polyester, softshell, microfiber, waterproof material, chiffon, artificial silk, sweatshirt fabric and single jersey made of polyester fiber, curtain fabrics, sports knitted fabrics.

We also print fluorescent colors – visible in UV light, which are perfect for the production of sports clothes, swimwear, stage costumes, dance dresses, furniture finishes, advertising prints.

Otherwise known as CMYK, it is the type of printing that is most defect-free. Made with special water-based inks, first on transfer paper (it is a mirror image of the desired pattern), and then, under high pressure and temperature conditions, transferred to a polyester fabric using a fabric sublimation calender. Due to the method, you can often hear the term “transfer printing”.

During sublimation printing, the pigment permanently penetrates the material, which is why this technology is used in wide categories of printing, including in the fashion industry, the advertising materials industry, or in the production of interior decoration materials. This method provides the best results, with the perfect reproduction of every detail of the print, keeping even the smallest details and elements. Sublimation allows you to create very realistic and extremely durable prints. At the same time, the method itself does not have a negative effect on the structure of materials – on the contrary, it helps to maintain the delicacy of fabrics used for printing. The print is soft, flexible and looks great. Currently, it is one of the best printing techniques, not only because of the quality it can be obtained, but also because it is a dry method, carried out without the use of water, and therefore absolutely ecological. Additionally, after the transfer of the pattern, paper with the pattern is left, which can be used, for example, for packing finished products. Nothing is wasted! This printing is a very economical method and does not generate high costs. With sublimation printing, we can print the fabric without margins, from edge to edge.

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