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So we wonder while writing this text, are you fans of social media activities? When running your business, do you focus on direct contact with the client, possibly on the website and online store? But without social media channels, as you can hear now, “You don’t exist”? We “like” with various social media channels. We “get along” best with Instagram and we devote most of our energy to it. This is where you will see our catalog patterns, real photos of our prints, production reports, or important events, such as trade fairs. We try to provide you with the most interesting content and photos to help you get to know our brand and contact us. On our Instagram you will find not only photos and reports, but also videos in the form of the so-called “Rolls”, and any contact details for us. You can also write to us directly via Instagram, this form of contact is ok for us 🙂

In addition to Instagram, we also run a Facebook account, where you will find, in addition to information about us and all contact details, primarily invitations to events that we co-create or in which we participate. There we also publish photos of our work, and things such as job offers. We also invite you to Facebook :) We’re also new to TikTok! This is totally our atmosphere! We can show you how we work, what our prints look like, we show almost live the work of printers, but also the daily life of the company. We are developing on this channel, so we invite you all the more so that you can accompany us at the beginning of our activity. In order not to waste your time looking for us, we leave QR codes for you on these various channels, which, after scanning, will transfer you to the appropriate profiles of our brand, in various channels.



We cordially invite you to all of them, because as you can see, there is something interesting going on in each of them and each next one complements the previous one! We are waiting for you! 🙂

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